Voyage Into Antarctica’s Heart of Ice

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Equipped for the most demanding expeditions, Octopus boasts an ice-class hull and twin helicopter pads, complemented by a dive center with a hyperbaric chamber. Her array of tenders, ROV, SUB, and private marina, ensures readiness for any adventure. Yet, she transitions to tranquility with ease, offering stylish accommodation for 12 guests in 13 cabins and amenities including a cinema, library, sports bar, and a transformative pool.

“The possible is constantly being redefined, and I care deeply about helping humanity move forward.”

— Paul Allen, Co-Founder of Microsoft.

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Globetrotting with Grace: Octopus Charts New Waters…

Uncharted Voyages

The Epic

Launched by the Lürssen shipyard in 2003, Octopus quickly set a new standard in the global superyacht fleet. Under the guidance of her original owner’s ambitious vision, this 126-meter leviathan demonstrated the expansive reach and capabilities of luxury yachts, not only in terms of travel but also in impactful scientific and philanthropic endeavours,

After nearly two decades of private journeys and a thoughtful refit, Octopus embarks on a new chapter through Big Blue Expeditions. She remains a bastion of the pioneering legacy, with a passionate crew committed to excellence. Now available for charter, Octopus continues to break new ground, inviting guests to be part of her distinguished narrative and to experience the pinnacle of seafaring life. including the profound discovery of the Musashi battleship.

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The Octopus crew stands out for their seasoned expertise, offering discreet, premium service to a select, privileged clientèle. Their unparalleled dedication to privacy and an exceptional experience ensures every journey is a seamless blend of exclusivity and incredible adventure.