Genesis of a Giant

The Vision
Comes to Life

Visionary Beginnings


In 2003, the maritime world witnessed the unveiling of Octopus, a yacht that would redefine the parameters of luxury and exploration on the high seas. This colossal endeavor was the vision of, Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder, who sought not just to create a yacht but to forge a mobile sanctuary that married opulent living with his thirst for discovery. His dream was brought to life through the collaborative efforts of some of the most esteemed names in yacht design and construction.


Espen Øino’s vision brought to life by the Lürssen shipyard, Octopus stands as a masterpiece of design and functionality. This 126 metre marvel showcases the pinnacle of luxury and precision in every aspect. Jonathan Quinn Barnett’s interior design epitomizes elegance, offering guests an environment of unparalleled sophistication and comfort. Every space on board reflects a commitment to style, innovation, and artisanal excellence.


Octopus was engineered for adventure, blending luxury with unparalleled exploration capabilities. Her dual helipads, heli hangar, ROV and 5 person Sub exemplify her readiness for global exploration, offering direct access to remote locations and the mysteries beneath the waves. The glass bottom observation lounge invites guests to witness sealife in comfort, highlighting the yacht’s commitment to discovery and innovation.

Charting a
Course Beyond

Following the loss of Paul Allen in 2018, Octopus embarked on a new chapter under a stewardship that honours his legacy. She remains a sanctuary committed to unlocking the wonders of the deep and offers her guests unparalleled experiences across the oceans. She embodies the relentless pursuit of discovery, offering a window into the unexplored and a platform for extraordinary adventures that continue to inspire and amaze.

Artistic Legacy

Within her storied halls, Octopus has become an integral part of artistic history, welcoming aboard a constellation of music legends. One of her unique offerings was an onboard recording studio, which stands as a testament to her allure among the creative elite. This fusion of luxury and creativity has solidified the Octopus’s place in the annals of musical legacy, marking her as a floating monument to the confluence of music, inspiration, and the ocean.

A New Era

Commitment to
Discovery & Luxury

A Legacy That Sails Forward

Today, Octopus continues to be a beacon of exploration, venturing into uncharted waters with the same pioneering spirit that has defined her existence. The commitment to unveiling the ocean’s secrets is stronger than ever, with advanced scientific missions and deep-sea expeditions that push the boundaries of maritime research. Simultaneously, the yacht upholds an unparalleled standard of luxury from her exceptional crew, providing guests with unique experiences that blend adventure with serenity in equal measure.

As Octopus navigates the vastness of the globe’s waters, she carries with her the essence of Paul Allen’s dream: to explore, to discover, and to inspire. Each voyage will be a testament to the yacht’s enduring legacy, one that continues to evolve while staying true to her founding principles of exploration and luxury. In this new chapter, Octopus remains a symbol of human curiosity and a ceaseless quest for knowledge, charting a course that transcends the ordinary, towards horizons yet unseen.