Why are remote and exotic yacht charter destinations becoming more popular?

Curious about why the interest in remote and exotic yacht charter destinations is rising?

It is no accident that classic yachting hotspots and patterns – European summer in Italy, Greece or the South of France, and wintering in the Caribbean’s St Barths or St Maarten – have their elite status, boasting a combination of beautiful views, luxury and advanced yachting facilities that ensure chartering with ease. ☀️

But recent years have seen a rise in the remote yacht charter. Experts note increasing client interest in chartering vessels in the globe’s most remote corners.

Legendary explorer yachts, such as Lürssen’s 126m Octopus, have traversed to icy Antarctica, while more and more clients see the appeal of exploring the South Pacific’s fruitful offerings in destinations like French Polynesia.

What is the appeal of such far-flung charter locations? Find out more in the full article.